Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie (177) - Stu

This is the final in the series from Kirsten's 30th. The change there for me was in the use of flash. I need to learn how to avoid red-eye, to use single focus spots for portraits and focus the single spot on the eye where possible. I also think I need to consider a mountable flash unit. There is another series at an art exhibition where the lighting was not good for a lens that only went as low as F4.5 and I had to resort to flash. At this point it became apparent that the recharge time was obstructing the flow of shots available to me.

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Ann said...

Think carefully about an external flash unit. The cheaper one tilts up and down but it may be worth paying more and getting the one that also swivels from side to side. Its not a priority for me at this stage as portraiture isn't my thing but I've decided that if/when I buy one I'll go for the one with more options.