Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie (179) - Tom


Joan Elizabeth said...

Ooo ... Julie's gone environmental portrait. I like the second one, how did you manage to get two people on a train both with caps and both looking the same way?

Ann said...

I this someone you know or did you ask? I've been tempted on trains but there's too much movement to get a steady shot (or I'm far too nervous to ask the bearded, rasta'd, tattooed tradies).

Julie said...

I did not speak with this lad. However, I overheard his conversation with his girl friend. He said at one stage that "It was no good having a lot of money and a big house if none of his friends had much money". I was very intruiged by this approach. His G/f was trying to egg him on to bigger and better things.

We were all on the Parramatta ferry.