Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Julie (181) - Jan the walking dynamo

Jan was the leader on a walking tour of Wooloomooloo put on by the Historic Houses Trust. She was knowledgeable but the tour felt a bit like a sausage-machine. She said to me mid-way that this was just a taste to enable us to come back and do the area in detail for ourselves. She had a voice like a fog-horn which I guess is a benefit in a job like this. She had some wonderful old photographs of the area that opened my eyes!

What to do about the sun and the shade. This was about 11am one Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago. The weather was delightful but not once did I get a shot that was shadow free of her face.

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Ann said...

Don't know what you do about shadows, its not as if you can use a reflector in a situation like this (played with reflectors on Saturday - fun). Guess you either live with it as a record of the day or don't take the photo. You could try zooming in and exposing for the shadowed area but everything else will blow out.