Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julie (183) - Rob being pleased as punch


Julie said...

I met Rob on the walking tour of Wooloomooloo. His defining characteristic is his grin! And what is a portrait if it is not a defining characteristic?

However, the light ... oh what to do about the light. His grin is over-exposed in an endeavour to get just some detail in the rest of the photograph.

I guess I could have notched it down 2 or 3 stops ... and it could have been Rob the Cheshire Cat!

Ann said...

All I can think is underexpose and see what happens. It is a wonderful grin. I think the answer is don't take this kind of photo in the middle of the day but there's not a lot you can do about that if its the only opportunity that you have.

cara said...

...or carry a brolly with you!
Incase any of you were wondering I haven't forgotten about this whole thing but I haven't met that many strangers recently. Time has been swallowed up with familiar routine and friends.