Sunday, August 9, 2009

Peter 062 - Tom and Lou

The amazing Tom and Lou are a British pair, who have spent much of the past decade sailing the world in their small yacht, before taking up residence on the 23 metre, 100 year old dutch barge "Herkelina" which they now call home as they trundle slowly round the French waterways.

I know Lou would have been rather a lot happier if I'd allowed her to put on her "pretty" face, but I'm afraid I rather like the one she had on at the time!

Despite appearances here, Tom was not trying to solve the problems of the world, he was actually codgetating on the fact that the English Cricket team were losing to Australia by a stupendously large margin.

This photo is a sort of souvenir really, of the fourth test of the 2009 Ashes Series!


bitingmidge said...

One's kids don't qualify as strangers, but here are a couple I rather like. Gee the light here does give one scope for playing around!

No, I didn't photoshop the outline of the plants, it's just the light dancing in the furry stuff!

Julie said...

The light is the first thing I noticed in this one. Tell Lou that the face she had on is my favourite type of face. I have a gorgeous woman friend whom I only really started to appreciate while sailing the Whitsundays two decades ago where all the makeup came off and stayed off for the duration. Had a look at your links - interesting focus points ... and yes the light ... the light.

Michael Blamey from Melbourne DP is barging as from yesterday up in Alsace-Lorraine.

Julie said...

Hard to credit that cricket test, eh? I hope we are not too obnoxious about it.

cara said...

In my household, it's hard to sleep with all the "YESSSS"es, "GET IN!"s and "GOT IM!"s. But I somehow manage it...

Peter those flower pictures are amazing.

Tom and Lou: Some people really know how to live!

Ann said...

That lovely soft light - it must be a pleasure to photograph in. I prefer the face she has on as well.