Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ann - Maria

Saving the best till last. Now to see what, or whom, I can find in Africa.


Julie said...

Oh yes!!

Did you use cardboard or one of those white disc thingos?

The look on her face is just right: the muscles are in action sufficiently to add life and alertness but not enough to be distracting.

That teacher sure knew how to choose a locale that enabled the light to show what it can do.

As for the packing: dont ask me, I am hopeless. I have one rule: if I need it, buy it over there. What time does your plane go tomorrow? Which airline? Syd-Per-Jburg???

cara said...

This picture just proves it. Lighting is everything! Fab shot, Ann.

Ann said...

Syd-Joburg direct, 14 hrs, 2.5 hrs transit then I think 1.5 hurs to Cape Town. 10am out of Sydney. Qantas plane but ticket booked through Sth African because it was easier to book all the sectors at the one time (flying SAA to Cape Town and Nairobi) on line instead of mucking around with different airlines. Now I have to go and panic some more, finish packing and clean the house. Will try and look in occasionally when I check my emails.

Ann said...

Forgot to answer the other question - white cardboard. About 4pm on a beautiful, sunny day, I think.

cara said...

Have a great trip - really looking forward to the pictures.

bitingmidge said...

Have a fabulous time Ann, I'll be more than interested to see how this little exercise has impacted on your photography while you are away.

It seems to have me avoiding people! (Just kidding,.... I think!)

Don't do anything I would!