Thursday, September 3, 2009

Julie (193) - the hot couple in purple and black

I have many shots of their feet but nothing that I am prepared to publish. Someone suggested that I should just have left it on multiple shoot and see what I ended up with. They were moving so fast and her feet were hardly ever on the floor.


Julie said...

In my Theme Day response to BIG I referred to a hot couple in purple and black who owned the dance floor yet did not show them. In that post I wanted to show the energy and pleasure of the wedding dancing without having people distract the viewers' attention.

Here, however, is the hot couple. I have known the woman all her life.

cara said...

Brilliant! I love the top one - talk about being caught up in the moment. The expressions are fantastic.

Ann said...

The expressions in the top one are wonderful. Greetings from Cape Town. Got 3 or 4 strangers today. The look okay in camera. Hopefully they will be in focus when I get them home. Gotta go, time nearly up.