Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ann - Cape Town - Vicky

Vicky is a true entrepreneur. Her b&b was the first in the townships and she has since organised a group of women who welcome visitors to the townships. I regret that I was on a day trip and didn't have time to stay here, I'd love to - you'd really get an insight into how the majority of the people live.


Julie said...

I really like the portrait you took of her. Shows such an interesting character.

The context photos are important as I would never dream of staying in a b&b in the townships because of security concerns. I guess they try very hard to allay these.

cara said...

I'd be tempted to stay there, definitely! She's got such a friendly face and that bbq and beer is looking very inviting.
lovely portrait.

Ann said...

That's exactly what she's trying to do, Julie. Most people go there for one or two nights and she doesn't let you wander on your own, or not very far, but takes you walking through the township and introduces you to people etc. Its really interesting inside, made from bits and pieces and odds and ends but well looked after and quite comfortable. I think she has 3 rooms for visitors and its not expensive.

What is happening in the townships now is that a lot of people who have made money and can afford to move out are choosing to stay and rebuild. Vicky could build something much better now but she likes her shack, and lets face it, how many 2 storey shacks are there?

We saw everything from dirt poor corrugated iron leantos (or however you spell it) - the image you have of the townships - through small 2 room huts to new houses with solar panels.