Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cara (041) Laurie

I have only met Laurie this one time at Easter this year but she let me take pictures of her for ages. This was one of my favourites.


Julie said...

Your photography in this milieu shows what you can do when you are relaxed with your subjects. These are simply terrific, Cara.

That is one of the aims of Strangers, to me. To become relaxed in a situation NOT of your choosing, like out on the street with a random person.

I was down at our Paddy's Market yesterday and chatted with a woman who came to Australia over 50 years ago as a 2 month old from Spain. I had my camera in my backpack and did not even think of it. Was too busy chatting with her. She would have made a wonderful portrait, much more world-weary than your subject here.

I am attracted to world-weary.

Ann said...

Yes, this is beautiful. I have the same problem relaxing with a subject, unless I've been drinking, then I have other photographic problems. I tend to rush the shot, thinking that they will only give me limited attention before getting fed up, and then it goes out of focus.

cara said...

I think maybe I'd had a home brew or two by this stage... which was probably why I suggested the marathon photoshoot!