Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cara (044) Karen and (045) Jane

Karen on the left, Jane on the right. Taken at Easter this year, they were actually on their way out and I hadn't gotten round to meeting them while they were staying there... so it was a very hurried introduction, 3 snaps, nice to meet you and then they were gone.


Julie said...

Although posed in the typical "happpy snap" style, this is a lovely portrait of the two of them. I love that sort of rough-house hair cut.cophot

cara said...

A lot of the time the photo is what is already happening. But in times like this where people have to stop what they are doing (in this case leaving) in order to have their photo taken, then it's a tough one. If I try and have an idea of what I want when catching people off-guard, they might welcome being told what to do... on the other hand they might be uncomfortable and look un-natural. It's a "quickie" dilemma... perhaps one where boundless confidence as a photographer is what is needed. Any thoughts?