Thursday, November 5, 2009

Julie (218) - Julia

Sometimes I wonder why some folk are in assisted living: this is one of those occasions. Her mind is sharp, she is interested and alert. However, she uses a zimmer. I took about 5 photos of Julia as we watched the big race together. She chose this one as her favourite because she was smiling.


Ann said...

That's what upsets me about my mother. Mind sharp as a tack and always working 19 to the dozen but her body lets her down and she has limited mobility. Its why they had to move out of their house and into a retirement village. At least at this stage they are in an independent living unit. Unfortunatley I see myself going the same way - knee and ankle absolutely killing me today.

Julie said...

Yes, I can see the generations rolling around in my family, too.

cara said...

What a great face.