Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Julie (222) - John

John was the chap I featured on Sydney Eye for Melbourne Cup Day. This is the end of this series. Now, I will try to snap the removalists on Thursday. They moved me last time, but I reckon they count as strangers. I will pay in the asking, though. They are great tricksters!


Ann said...

He doesn't look as frail in this shot.

Ann said...

I'm not worried so much about "strangers" any more but looking for portraits. Got one the other day that I'd wanted for ages which I was going to put on Meanderings but think I'll use here instead. Certainly not strangers as I see them just about every day but one I never thought I'd get.

Julie said...

Look forward to seeing it then.

The thing that I think is important still to me is the asking and receiving of permission. Then I try to have as long a conversation as is possible given the circumstances.