Friday, December 4, 2009

Ann - John

Here endeth the travels.


Julie said...

Interesting that you should finish on this image. It is very unlike your style. Very good, but not very you.

So where to next?

bitingmidge said...

I agree with you Julie, but on the other hand it smacks of things to come. I like it, I like the way you've finished Ann!

Great shot, and I've enjoyed them all, particularly watching your dual journeys. I wonder where the photographic one will lead?

cara said...

I really like close-up shots like this. You can see the texture of the skin perfectly and you can concentrate on the expressiveness of the person without the distraction of surroundings. A nice one to end on - and yes, not very "you" but then who wants to be compartmentalised? Keep 'em guessing!