Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ann - Nairobi


Julie said...

I love this!

The photo reminds me of one that Peter took in the Red Centre where the person AND her clothing looked like camouflage.

This brings to me feeding poddy calves when I was a kid. We had a massive massive teat attached to some sort of bottle. Can't visualise that. However, when the bloody calf had cleaned up all the milk they were quite insistent on sucking the bejesus out of four fingers!!

This bloke looks to be wearing cast-off army clothing. That is a worry. Where clothing is can guns be far behind.

Ann said...

No, no, no, no, no. Park ranger, Kenya Wildlife Service type gear. Greens and Khakis to blend in and not frighten the animals away (or attract too much of their attention). Safari guides wear muted shades as well. Definitely not army camoflage(sp?) They guys with the guns and knives wear whatever they damn well like. These days baseball caps, sweatshirts and nike trainers.

Julie said...


Okay so my knowledge of Africa is still rooted in the Girls' Own Annuals of the 60s.

Shall send you an email in a while firming up our little expedition.