Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cara (046) Diana - not Marilyn

I'm very excited. It's been 2 years of friends telling me about "Marilyn" walking the streets of Brisbane and today I finally came across her, resting her tired feet in the Myer Centre. I told her she looked great and she thanked me with wide-eyed innocence, insisting that she wasn't Marilyn Monroe. I wanted to get a much more glamorous shot but she wanted the shoes in shot (fair enough - fantastic shoes!). Her name is Diana and is one of Brisbane's real characters.


Luis Gomez said...

Wonderful shot! Happy you finally met her.

Ann said...

Gratuitious shoe shot. Love it - and her. Glad you finally found her and could introduce us.

bitingmidge said...

Top Shot Cara!

I feel a trip to the big smoke coming on, is Rock 'n Roll George still alive?

cara said...

He popped his clogs 3 weeks ago!

I'd never heard of him until he died then suddenly it was like the whole of Brisbane came out in mourning - radio phone-ins, reminiscent news packages, editorials. My friend said he used to live round here (West End) and he was a bit of a cantankerous old bastard coming out of his house to yell at you if you walked a bit too close to his house or car.

bitingmidge said...

Now that's sad. Our first house was in Cambridge Street, backing onto his but one. (That was when half the shop signs were written in Greek) He was almost fifty then and really old!

He wasn't too cantankerous to his neighbours then, he'd sort of nod if he drove past.

Julie said...

Love image 16 in that slideshow.

Did you askd Diana if her hair was real?

Terrific find. Characters like this are the antidote to "suits".

nikki said...

oh it's Marilyn!!
i tried to steal a picture from her two times, but my camera always failed me (not enough zoom).
the 2nd time, she saw me and threw kisses to me and my son.
shame on me for being such a coward - i should have just asked her, indeed.
great shot of a lovely Brisbanite!

the foto fanatic said...

She passed by me in the Queen St Mall just a day or so ago, before I had even seen this post. She was wearing a blue polka-dot number.
I couldn't get over how people just stopped in their tracks and gawked!
Me included.