Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peter 067 - Celine

Having just spent four months in France taking almost no photographs of people, it seems it was a call from destiny if that's possible when Celine and Dume, visiting Australia from France passed by our home.
Celine is Dume's partner in life, crime and all things generally.
An actress, writer and PR person who travels Australia for fun while it's snowing at home.  She markets drinking fountains for livestock when she's not writing her next show or demonstrating their rooftop trimaran.
She too, is off to Beachport South Australia shortly, to manage the public sculpture collaboration with Dume.
Celine says this is a lovely photo, but she is not "coming out of it", and if you take the time to visit her personal website (in French)  think you'll see what she means.


Julie said...

Having visited her site, and adjusted to the lime, I am still not certain what she means by "coming out of it". But this is truly a lovely photograph of her. there are a couple in the site, done by Dume Paolini, which are also quite good but in many of them she is manic - which may be her professional persona anyway!

However, this is a lovely photo. Is the public installation a bit like our Sculptures by the Sea?

cara said...

yes - I get the same impression - that she means she is not performing for the camera. It's a really cheeky photo like she was caught unawares but very flattering too.I like how you have made her stand out against the white sky/river background. Is that the old low f-stop/long lens thingy? I got a Nikkon 55-200 from santa so I'm going to have to start giving these shots a go.

Julie said...

Good ole, Santa.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it is about asking for permission to take pictures?

I don't much like doing it but have. I don't know if I could ask 100 different people. Steffee does it all the time on his blog.

This is a nice shot. I like the casual shots without thinking too much about it. If I need to think about including feet and hands or whatever, then, to me, the spontaneity is gone. You got this one just right I think.