Monday, February 15, 2010

Cara (047) Keri and (048) Darren

Keri and Darren were seated next to us at the cricket on Sunday. As soon as we sat down, Keri warned us she was prone to getting a bit animated which suited us down to the ground. Throughout the day they laughed hard, chanted, waved, clapped, cheered, chatted and (especially Keri) egged on other members of the crowd. You could tell they really enjoyed eachother's company. You wouldn't have guessed they'd only just got back in contact after leading seperate lives for 12 years.

On a technical note... I love my 55-200 lens but chopping and changing between that and the wider angle 18-55 gets a bit boring after a while... so I got a bit lazy here, sticking with the 55-200 on auto-focus. Which is why it's a bit out of focus.


Julie said...

They look really really happy. Soooo good to see. Young people really go for it, whereas us oldies re more cautious.

Technical: that happens to me all the time, the swapping and changing. However, not in this situation. I had a shot of a chap rooting for Andy Murray swathed in things English, remember him at the tennis. I used my 55-250 and without looking at the stats I bet I had it on the lowest stop possible, maybe F4.6. on auto-focus and zoomed probably 120 wih ISO 100. Hence, Keri would be in focus, Darren less so, and the background fuzzy. Which is exactly what you have here.

I use my zoom more than my wide angle which I use only for buildings in the city or landscapes. Rarely for people.

What might have been good here, is to have focussed on Darren rather than Keri and have her a little bit out of focus, making it all deliberate.

No matter what, this is a ripper of a portrait of a very happy couple.

bitingmidge said...

It just works for me too. As so often happens when it works, the light and colour seem to compliment the personalities.

Ann said...

That's why I didn't get the kit lenses and got an 18-250 instead, which I love. Although I now have the 50mm I find I only use it if I am going out late afternoon or night or don't want to carry the weight of the other lens.

The softness doesn't worry me, I'm captivated by her face.

sp_starpromo said...

what a wonderful day that was! we had fantastic company & fantastic fun. I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the whole stadium....hmmm, nah change that to the world! Love you Darren XOXO
Let us know if ever you are thinking of heading to the cricket again, would love to be beer & cheer buddies again. It was a pleasure sitting next to you :) & thankyou so much for taking our photo, LOVE the concept of your website.
Meanwhile, here's a sneak at a photo we took on the weekend that is now taking pride of place (replacing a Men of Cricket calender shot of Hopesy, lol) on my (& Daz's) computer desktop:
How lucky am i!?!?!?

Julie said...

Check out the eyes in the link Keri provided. Up that close I would have anticipated more curvature, but this image transcends that. Wonder if they took it themselves?

sp_starpromo said...

Hi Julie
Yep that was taken by us, amatures, on a cheap camera (couldn't get my good 1 working at the time). Lacking that spectacular quality Cara's photos all have unfortunately. But still capturing our happiness at least :)

Julie said...

Sure does!