Friday, April 30, 2010

Cara (051) Kirsty

This was down at Christmas Creek over Easter. Kirsty was playing cards with her daughter. Because I do a book and a blog with photos of our trips there, taking pictures is sort of expected of me. I can snap away and people patiently live with it.

I don't know much at all about Kirsty ... there were over 100 people camping there over Easter and it's hard to get around to meeting everyone. Next time, I reckon. Her (gorgeous) daughter goes to the same school as mine but in a different year.


bitingmidge said...

Cards and camping - what is that about ? ;-)

Nice pic! No other comment would sound the way I meant it, my eye is drawn away from hers.... and then the critique starts to sound disingenuous.

I don't think it's a boy thing, no I've had a second opinion: a few mm less of the soft skin would fix (or a lot of mm less of the hair - if you really want to focus on the bottom of the pic ;-) )

There, I've said it! Coy little critter aren't I?

Do you use Blurb for the books? If not, why not?

Julie said...

Having received the email of Pierre's comment, all I knew to expect was big tits.

But in actual fact, it is a really good portrait. The lie of the strands of hair, the angle of the face, the clevage and the line of the t-shirt all contribute.

Good stuff ...

I wish I could just wander around and people ignore me. The more I know people the more they seem compelled to pose for the camera. Shits me! I crave the unguarded moment ...

Ann said...

Okay, now I see what Peter was on about. Personally I'd crop just below the end of the hair :)

The bleaching at the tips of the hair definitely draws the eye to the clevage.

Lovely portrait, you are lucky to be accepted enought to wander and photograph at will.

cara said...

Well yes i suppose I could have cropped it... but we are talking purely from an aesthetic point of view and the boobs are part of the appeal, no? To me, the hair is also part of the appeal and balances things out a bit.. but I'm not a red-blooded male, am I?

WHat is this Blurb you talk of? I shall look it up. I'm not using anything at the moment . It's not a finished thing, more of a constant work in progress, added to each time I go. It's got photos cut out and pasted in montages as well as single ones dotted around, mainly for the purpose of people finding out who that person was they were just talking to for the past 10 minutes.

Kirsty is today's post in the Christams Creek Whisper

bitingmidge said...

Nah, it's a balance thing for me, I think there's a tad too much "clear" skin as opposed to the (sorry) more weatherbeaten errr... interesting stuff, which tips the balance of the shot.

I still like it though.

Best software(free) best service, best everything really including prices, and you can customise your pages if you don't like theres.

Can't recommend them highly enough.

Julie said...

Tell her to change her top next time, Cara!

cara said...

ok ok...kiljoys!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I enjoyed it. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I have had computer problems so have not been around as much as I would like to be.