Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cara (054) Mariuppam and Jaya


Jaya was sitting on the steps outside a shop and when I smiled at her she smiled right back. I came over and introduced myself but with her non-existent English and my even more non-existent Malayalam, it was a tough enough job just pronouncing one another's names. A man who worked in the shop came out and attempted to translate for me. It turned out she didn't work at the shop - she lived in an alleyway next to it. The shopkeeper then called her husband over - Mariuppam - and told me how they had been married for many years but they still loved eachother like newlyweds.

After I took their pictures I offered them some money which they refused, preferring instead a piece of paper with my name written on it in my hand-writing.


bitingmidge said...

Great stuff Cara. Been trawling round the West End markets again? ;-)

A truly inspirational (for me) encounter.

I must start finding people again mustn't I?

Ann said...

Beautiful. The pictures and the words.