Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cara (056) Kassim

I went for a walk through the Muslim quarter of Mattancherry. Despite it being 3 weeks into Ramadan, where you would forgive folks for perhaps putting their feet up, shops were open and the streets were lively and energetic. As I walked past the aluminium works, I heard someone call out "one photo!". It was only supposed to be a joke as it's something kids often shout out to westerners so I think he was a bit embarrassed when I took him seriously. 


Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful shot!

Ann said...

Beautiful shot. I like taking people up on that as well. Many years ago I was in a market in a small Sicilian town when a stallholder jokingly said "You want photo nice Italian boy?" - so I did. Unfortunately its an old film shot so I can't show you.

Julie said...

This boy could have been from Auatralia. A nice portrait of invincible youth.