Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cara (064) Josiah

I'm dipping into my BDP blog for this one although the post was in black and white; this is the original. He was, as Ann pointed out at the time, a "chugger"; a charity mugger. One of those clipboard-weilding super-friendly folk you find on the street who get you to part with your money on a regular basis by signing you up for direct debits straight to the charity from your bank account. In Brisbane (compared to London) there aren't that many and they aren't as pushy. They don't even wear hi-vis vests. I didn't even realise he was a chugger until the very end. We had a good chat and he even asked me to take his picture cos I had my camera hanging around my neck. I love it when people ask.

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Ann said...

Prefer the b&w version.