Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Peter 083 - Phillipe

It is a coincidence that two photographs in succession are of gentlemen who serve their communities as Mayor.   Phillipe lives 600 kilometres from Maurice and seems to be the sort of person whose talent and energy is endless.

This photograph was taken at precisely 2:18 am, during a longish dinner and about three quarters of the way through a bracket of singing that lasted for four hours without a break.

The composition is deliberate, although my own mind was not as tidy at that time of the morning as the subject's.


cara said...

Sounds like my kind of evening!

His glass looks very clean and empty for 2.18 in the morning. Maybe you were starting a new bottle and had to get fresh glasses out. It's a great trick, that one. It fools people into thinking the evening's just started again. Hurray!

bitingmidge said...

Hehe, what you can't see in the photo is that the bottle in the foreground is a 3 litre one!

"I can't understand it officer, we only had a couple of bottles over dinner...."

Actually the booze culture is very different to the one to which we are accustomed. We have seen many long nights which at home would have meant most were "tired" by the end of the night, and definitely in need of a cab home. Here, we have often seen half-glasses removed at the end of a course during a long meal rather than "finished off". The pace is slow and very steady. Every sip seems to be a "first".

Makes me wish I drank the stuff sometimes! ;-)

bitingmidge said...

P.S. He's a lovely bloke Julie! ;-)

Julie said...

Well may you say he's a noice bloke, but he needs more maturing in the bottle, Pierre!

bitingmidge said...

Tomorrow then, I shall try harder! ;-)