Monday, June 13, 2011

Peter 090 - Paul and Cara

Paul has in his hand, the electrical cord for his boat, removed just a few seconds ago as they prepare to continue their journey through summer, in a minute or two they will have vanished into another world.   It's hard to imagine that a happier, more content couple exist in all of Holland, let alone the rest of the world.

Perhaps that's what happens when one lists one's hobbies as the study of languages, reading (in all of the languages one studies, and the observation of wildlife, to say nothing about talking at length with great enthusiasm about them all.


cara said...

And they LOOK really happy too. Body language says loads in this shot.

Interestingly I don't think I've seen another Cara older than me before now.

Julie said...

They do seem chuffed with their lot, especially Cara.

However ... there are two points of tension in the photograph, and if I may be so bold, they were created by the photographer!

Firstly, I am glad you told us it was an electrical core, 'cause it looks like a noose.

Secondly, Paul's hand is tentatively on Cara's shoulder, thumb and pinky only.

They make a healthy and handsome couple.

Ann said...

They certainly look happy. LOL at Julie's noose.

Vijay said...

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