Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peter 092 - The Farmer

I asked his name. Perhaps he didn't understand my accent or perhaps he simply preferred to remain in his role as a silent farmer, but he smiled gently and pointed to the sign on his van :

He had a stunning mechanical organ, a carousel of cows constructed in the most ingenious and impossible to describe manner, powered by the fathers of the children aboard by tugging on the udders of yet another mechanical bovine creature.

As they rode, he followed silently blowing feathers on them to the joy of all.


Ann said...


Julie said...

Here in Australia, we do not have enough of this style of village pantomine type of entertainment. I went to his website. Found the cow-go-round, found a video of it playing in Arles last Christmas. It is a delight!

Thank you for this portrait of an ingenious entertainer.

BTW, you are closing in on your century!

cara said...

That is fanTASTIC cow. Top portrait too.