Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peter 093- Tuppence

When she was born her father, who would have preferred a boy, said something along the lines of "she's not worth tuppence" and even though her mother gave her a lovely girly name, that's how she's been known ever since.

I can vouch that her value by any measure, as she sits in her tiny well loved (if slightly battered) yacht loaded with her worldly possessions, is considerably more than her father's original estimate. She's currently pottering through the canals and rivers of Europe before returning south to pick up her mast and then who knows where she'll head.

She certainly doesn't have any firm plans, and that is what cruising is all about!


cara said...

I must have missed this one. I like the composition.

Don't think I could handle being called "tuppence" as I know it to be a euphemism for >polite cough< something else.

Julie said...

Golly, inflation is everywhere. I did not know that *cough* now cost tuppence but still budget upon a penny,

Yeah this is the life for some, not for me, but for some. I can understand the attraction.

Now ... a language whinge. You say 'if NOT slightly battered', whereas I would contend 'if slightly battered'. Pistols at dawn, Pierre?

Ann said...

You've lost me with the euphemism. I agree with Julie re slightly battered so volunteer as her second.

Julie said...

Meaning you would stand behind me? Thought so!

You obviously haven't spent a penny much lately ...

bitingmidge said...

Grammar corrected! i think trying awfully hard to remember all those words in a new language has made me forget how to speak the old one. If I keep going at this rate, I won't be able to communicate shortly!