Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peter 095 -The Unknown Soldier

The old soldier stood with a woman and her children who may have been his great-grandchildren, silently waiting.

As the first of the police escort marched into the street, stood to attention, smiled and quietly joined the parade for it's circuit of the roundabout, clearly any greater distance would have stretched the limits of his stamina, standing once more to attention while the brief remembrance ceremony formalities were complete.

VE Day in Epernay, France.


He nodded as I caught his eye holding my camera, but sadly he was lost in the formalities and I was unable to find any more of his story,  for reasons that are inexplicable but were probably to do with the emotion of the event, I didn't think to ask his daughter, who was standing a few metres away.   Another lesson learned in the context of this project - keep your mind on the job!

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