Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ann 13/100 - Vicky

I couldn't choose between these two. What attracted me to Vicki was her relaxed attitude with her shoes off so I really like the full shot. However she has such a lovely expression in the close up as well. She was escaping the city mayhem by hiding in Sydney Hospital courtyard for a while.

These are some more variations which I like as well.


bitingmidge said...

It's a no-contest Ann! The shot you chose is perfect, the shoes really tell the story and balance it all beautifully!

The others are lovely shots, but you know, they could be any girl having her portrait taken while holding a book.

If I hadn't run out of silver stars, I'd give you one. A smiley stamp maybe?

Joan Elizabeth said...

What a lovely set of shots. They are all good but the one you chose is definitely the best. It tells its own story about Viki. I really like it.