Saturday, January 24, 2009

Julie (18/100) - Exercising the dog

Brendan exercises Little Mila in the park each morning and again each evening. Do I need to say that a ladder would have assisted me tremendously?

He was so sweet and accommodating: warnng me that he had about two minutes left then he would have to fly but that I was welcome to come back tomorrow. This sort of dog is very popular with young guys and boy do they chase that ball with avengance. The relationship between the two was so good: I felt like if LM had tossed the ball, Brendan would have chased it down nearly as speedily!

Don't ya just love the motto of the cleaning company that supplies Brendan's shirt - and presumably pays him a wage! I just wish that Brendan's Mum had taught him to comb his hair properly: you know "Boys have a staight part of the left, Brendie dear".
Now the quiz for the rest of the day: On the outskirts of which NSW country town do you think Brendan's folks own a grazing property?


bitingmidge said...

His hair is probably full of the company product!

Another nice shot Julie, I sense that you are in some sort of rhythm now. The supporting shots work nicely too.

It's a nice angle you shot from; no ladder you say?

altadenahiker said...

Is that a boxer with a tail?

Ann said...

Another good shot. I don't mind the angle at all. His hair is quite conservative compared to some young blokes.

Ann said...

You definitley seem to be in a rhythm as Peter says. I envy you. I'm finding it very difficult to get back on the horse.

Joan Elizabeth said...

A great shot and I like his hair.