Monday, January 26, 2009

Ann 15/100 - Animesh

It was hot, I was tired and whilst Animesh was extremely cooperative he was also busy so I was hurrying. I nearly trashed all of these but Julie persuaded me to put them up anyway. These are the best of a very bad lot. I just couldn't get anything into focus, he was looking at me when I took the photo but the camera is so slow that he wasn't by the time the shutter released.


bitingmidge said...

So Close Ann.

On the weekend I used my camera in rapid fire (or whatever it's called) - continuous shooting mode.

Your little camera may not have that, but if it does it would be ideal for this situation, focus it in your own time, and keep your finger down.

Thanks for posting the "duds".

Ann said...

I accidentally found continous on the SLR yesterday. I knew you could do sport continuous but didn't realise it worked on other settings. Must play with it. Its so much more fun with the SLR. Trouble is it will make me even more frustrated with the p&s. Think if the Olympus has it it will be with the sport setting which might not do what I want.