Monday, January 26, 2009

Julie (20/100) - Watching people walk by

Natalia put the bite on me at the end of this, and I did not see it coming. Duh! She asked for $1.20 for an ice-block. It was 36C.

Natalia was sitting on a stoop watching the people and the cars zoom by at the end of a working day. It was not her doorstep - she has lived around the corner for 11 years.

The choices not taken:


bitingmidge said...

Today, I like them all.

Nothing else to say!

Ann said...

Julie, I'm impressed. This is the type of person I am still avoiding.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Lovely shot.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I also see you have hit the magic number 20. What happens from here?

cara said...

What a great face. Worth the price of an ice-block, I reckon!