Monday, January 26, 2009

Peter 017 - Robin

I finally found a bit of time to tweak the colour a bit, and to do a monochrome version. The original version is below. I just added a teensy bit of saturation. The problem with the colour is that she was sitting under an umbrella with alternating panels of blue and white, and the lighting was filtered blue and yellow!

Robin sells bling at the Fisherman's Road market. It wasn't a good day for her today as it was raining and she only had a beach umbrella for protection, so all she had on display was what she could wear.

Each bare finger is an indication of a ring being tried on by a customer.

When I asked if I could take her photo she warned me sternly that she breaks cameras. Mine seemed to relish the encounter, although the light through the blue canvas was a trial.


bitingmidge said...

I don't like the colour at all, perhaps this would be a goodie for me to try in B&W?

Ann said...

I don't know, there's not a lot of strong lines. Give it a try, it might work. I like her as she is.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes the colour is a bit off but I do love the character.

Julie said...

As a subject, she is a ripper. And now that you have converted to B&W you have a really really good portrait.