Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ann 18/100 - Richard

Looks like a typical tourist, doesn’t he. Turns out Richard was a local doing exactly what I was doing. Wandering round the Quay taking photos. We had a lovely chat about cameras.

Not happy with this at all, too much in the background. Not sure what I was shooting on, probably P as the background is fairly clear. Cropped a little but there's still too much distraction. I really wanted to get the camera and bag. Didn't pick up on the shadow from the hat at the time either. That's the trouble with transitions lenses, half the time you can't see what you are doing.


bitingmidge said...

I quite like it. You are right, it would have been better with a shallower depth of field to blur out the background some more, but the back ground does add to the context I think, so I wouldn't want to see it all gone.

He doesn't have a lens on his camera!

Julie said...

I dont think clearly enough yet to pick up where the shadows are: to pick them up and KNOW how to correct them. But this photo taking lark is a bit like learning to drive a car: so much to do when you first start and so easy to make a fool of yourself, or smash yourself or ding yer mother's car. But after a while the old brain gets the need for synchronisation ...