Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ann 9/100 - Allan

I was desperate, it was getting late and I was on the way to the station when I saw Allan waiting for a bus in Macquarie Street. I thought he may have been a tourist but he's local. I found the flash for this one.


Julie said...

Tough when they turn out to be tall chaps, yes? Good portrait: you have him slightly turned, his head and shoulders fill the screen, its nicely located in the middle and its in focus.

Now for the important bit. I suspect this was taken before yesterday's issues. How did you feel after this particular shot?

Ann said...

Pure luck. I was very nervous and took this so quickly, was surprised it turned out okay. Have taken another one since yesterday's issue. Really annoying that anyone I consider would make an interesting shot says no.

Don't know what it is at the moment, have stopped taking my herbal HRT supplement to give my body a rest, so it could be that doing it. Don't think I'll last without it more than 2 weeks.

Stopped a lovely young Sikh man yesterday who refused on the grounds of religion but then proceeded to tell my fortune. Some of which was suprisingly accurate.

bitingmidge said...

I like it. It may not tell us too much about the person, or it may.... there's a lot that can be read into his demeanour.

I walked home 5k from the bike shop yesterday, and did not see ONE person within shouting distance. Sometimes it's nice not living in a city, but not when you are trying to photograph people!

I'm going to have to tackle the bike mechanic when I pick it up!

Julie said...

A bike mechanic at work would be good. See what you can do. There are a lot of bike folk on CDPB: Gabriola, Arona and ex-Izmir to name but three.

From you photo, Ann, this chap appears to be very fit and probably healthy. As he is a bit old for acne, I also gather that he nicked himself shaving.

I like the fact that you approached a Sikh after your meat-carrier turned you down. Well done. It is not YOU as a person they are rebuffing; it is the idea of having their photo taken. They probably approach many things in their life negatively.

Ann said...

I also approached a lovely Muslim woman whom I saw on the train. She explained that it wasn't a religious thing, they can be photographed in hijab but she was uncomfortable about her photo being online. Back to wasps.