Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Julie (14/100) - Late for dawn

Peter was a little perplexed about me wanting his photograph but readily agreed. He was sitting on the sand after the concert waiting for his wife to return. His biggest problem was that he was annoyed with himself for arriving just before the Dawn Chorus commenced - he did not expect many people to be there and was astounded with the thousands sitting on the sand!

As I like them both equally, I could have chosen either photograph as the main one. I am not happy that the flash went off but as it was before 7am I should have realised that it would. I am a bit annoyed that I did not get a shot of him rugged up on the beach. But that will come, dear heart: that will come!

Choices not taken:


Ann said...

Been trying to decide which I prefer. I like both but the background in the full face one is more distracting.

bitingmidge said...

I definitely like the one you've chosen, I think enough of his perplexitosity (cough!) shows through.

Rugged up might have been interesting, but I like this one.

cara said...

I like the one you've chosen too. The background/foreground mix works nicely.

freefalling said...

I like the other one.
And if you crop him at his eyebrows and bottom lip and everything just past his left eye, you really see what a pleasant face he has.
His eyes look kind and his mouth looks kind (if a mouth can look kind).