Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Julie (15/100) - Leaving Dawn Chorus

This is Natalie who was sitting with her dog on the low sandstone wall close to the entry walk down to the Neilsen Park beach. At first she thought I wanted to photograph her blue cattle dog but was quite happy for me to photograph her if she could still continue to make her phone call. Can't decide what I like best: the hat or the freckles.

I think it may nearly be time to declare that I have a bit of a hat fetish!

The choices not taken:


Ann said...

For me its the freckles but the hat sets the whole thing off. Its definitely the best shot.

freefalling said...

Isn't she lovely?

Julie, you might like to take a look here:

bitingmidge said...

It's the right choice, no doubt. I think today is the first day we've all been consistently ... consistent.

Julie said...

Yeah, I saw Aretha's encrusted bow this morning, Letty. It is a ripper! I love Millie's comment about Aretha being conservative and tasteful for once!!

Joan Elizabeth said...

A lovely shot of a lovely lady -- both hat and freckles are beautiful and you have done a great job of both.