Thursday, January 22, 2009

Julie (16/100) - Under the bridge

Yasmin's babooshka had a massive throw and the line went way way out under the bridge. She was pleased that I let out a whoop and a holler! She conversed with her grandaughter in thick Russian but was quite happy for me to jump around her taking photos - so long as I did not get in the way.

These were taken about 7pm on Saturday night, just around from Luna Park. I thought the light just right but did not realise the pitfalls until I looked at the results on my computer: spoilt by silhouettes and sun glinting off glasses. Must keep that in my brain for next time. And when taking a shot of someone fishing, it is probably a good idea to show their hands with the thingo that spins around!!

However, what I liked about this subject was how weather-beaten she was. And after seeing Ann's post-processing as the week progressed I wondered if I could emphasise this by cropping and desaturating. I think I have made too much change to the contrast but at least I have dipped my toe in the water.

Something else that I have realised: don't rest on your laurels. I had scheduled posts from Sunday until Thursday so I took days off. Now it is Wednesday evening and I have nothing left after tomorrow's post. So the pressure goes back on again. Duh!! Duh!! Double duh!!

Choices not taken:


Ann said...

Remember - no pressure. Shame its come out a little washed out. I think all I've been doing is going b&w and sharpening if necessary. Maybe upped the shadows a little. There's not a real lot you can do in Picassa. Its got a nice automatic fix button that can work quite well.

Julie said...

Yes, I can see the washed out idea. Y'know, there are times when you look 'n you think: this is not what I thought I was taking at all. It was all much more exciting than that. I wonder why this is? Nothing to do with the model or with the location: it has to do with the shots I chose to take. Talk to me about this, guys!!

bitingmidge said...

Sorry I couldn't answer earlier, my eyes are hanging out of my head and it's an hour earlier for me!

See the new post for my take.