Thursday, January 22, 2009

Peter 013 - Ian

If we come up with a rule that says we're not allowed to count people in shops, I think I'll quit!

Ian seems to be a lovely bloke and he certainly did a top job fixing my bike. He even had to use a special magic tool to fix the crank apparently, which certainly helped me overcome my embarrassment at having to get my bike fixed by someone else!

I didn't get to talk to him much as he was quite busy at the time, but I did tell him I'd happily recommend Spin City Cycles of Mooloolaba to the whole world!

Does his accent show in the pic?


Julie said...

Is he oirish?

Some of the best "in context" possibilities are in shops, so that would be a dumb rule, Peter!! But yeah, they can get busy.

Its a nice shot of a larrikin at work - lucky that saddle is not a cm further forward - as it is, it appears ready to give him a short, sharp jab should he get out of line.

Ann said...

Larrikin is exactly the word I was looking for. Shop shots are good but I feel guilty doing it if I'm not buying something. The last one I took was very expensive.

I might be slowing down for a bit. I haven't taken anything for a couple of days (not in the mood). Will see what happens over the weekend when I'm in town. Have seen plenty of good shots but they all looked preoccupied and not approachable.

Julie said...

Ooops - I replied to this on your post and not this one!

bitingmidge said...

I think I follow all that! :-)

Ann, you aren't getting these comments by email, would that make it easier? You are doing a sterling job of keeping up!

I have to keep reminding myself that there's no reason to post every day, I certainly don't take my camera every day, which is why in my mind at least, I miss the best opportunities!

Anonymous said...

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