Sunday, January 11, 2009

Julie (5/100) - Gone to Paddy's

This is Jamie. He was born in China but speaks with an Australian accent. He has worked at Paddy's Markets for 7 years. By the time I took this, I was desperate. I had lined up a couple of other people from whom I had bought nectarines and then peaches (both white, BTW) but my head came up with all these excuses how this was not the best time: other customers would overhear; the stall holder was too busy. Psychological stuff that plays havoc with my head. Here, I had my camera around my neck and Jamie was only too keen to pose for me. The problem, of course, is that Paddy's Markets in the Haymarket is indoors and this camera I am using insists on going into flash and I don't know enough to tell it to behave. Wah!! I want my REAL camera back again. Please get well soon, dear camera!!


John said...
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bitingmidge said...

You don't know how glad I feel that it isn't just my head that does that! ;-)

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Joan Elizabeth said...

Guys, the project is scaring me to bits. You will be all up to 100/100 well before you see Joan 1/100.

I even had a "target" well in hand this weekend, after my smooth tongued husband had flattered a grey-nomad by asking her when she planned to retire. She was seventy and of course already retired. We had a good long chat about their travels and the girl in Bali they are sponsoring through uni but the camera stayed firmly in its case on the back seat of the car. Sigh!

I think I will get the hubby to pop the question. He is usually in tow when I am out photographing.

bitingmidge said...

Ha! Joan, nice to see the emotion is the same, even with himself running interference!