Monday, January 12, 2009

Ann 2/100 - Brett

This is hard, really hard. Brett was constructing the other Hyde Park stage. He attracted me because of his typical "Aussie blokeness". Unfortunately I find I can either have a coherent conversation or take photos, not both. If I know I am going to ask to take someone's photo, I lose the ability to speak and start to babble. Also, any interesting information gleaned in said conversation goes straight out of my head, even if I make notes as soon as possible. Brett told me his brother plays in a band that plays similar music to Xavier Rudd but do you think I could remember the name of the band. This is not fun. I used to have some lovely conversations with strangers.


bitingmidge said...

It's really weird isn't it?

I think it's the horror of it all that I find so compelling, yet if I look at other 100 strangers albums there's no hint of the hopelessness we are all articulating.

I'm off with my camera now, wish me luck! Or perhaps I should just go to work!


Julie said...

Some of the other 100 Strangers groups have said that it is hard but gets easier as you approach 20.

I think with us, though, is that we are all being totally honest and open about our fears and our reactions. It is a sign of how much we trust each other, I suspect, even though we do not know each other particularly well. Most of us anyways!

It is the support here that is keeping me going. I am so determined to get to double digits and I want to get there this week. This amount of pressure and discomfort is not enjoyable. But then again, I do want to be able to walk up to people and talk AND photograph.

Interesting that all three of us are street "have-a-chats" ...

I am off to reread the tips ...

bitingmidge said...

Yes, it's a sign of how much we trust each other, and how we don't really think the rest of the world will bother reading these comments!

If any of us ever run for president of the US, they'll have this all over the papers you know!

I'm going to get my five today one way or another, but it's interesting to also browse through the FlickrFlickr 100strangers group rules and posts. There is a one post per day limit, to deliberately slow the pace.

I don't think I'll have any trouble complying with that one here.

Julie said...

I'll keep that in mind, Peter!! Yes, I feel certain it is just us reading, although it makes no difference to what I say - or to how I bloody-well feel.

The relief that I feel when I have one in the can, so to speak, is overwhelming! Yes, I knew about the one per day limit but did not think it needed to be articulated!!!

You go boy ...