Monday, January 12, 2009

Peter 003 - Matt

Matt made it all too easy for me! He was selling tickets for the Surf Lifesavers Art Union on the Esplanade at Mooloolaba, and my wife stopped to buy a ticket from him. Before she could blink she'd spent enough to buy a car, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask..

He's one of those people who can make you feel better just by walking past him and he didn't even have to smile for the photo, because his smile is permanent and infectious.

I reckon he's got a big future as his sales career develops. Put it this way, if you know an (insert politically correct name for Eskimo here), and you want to sell him some ice, Matt will be the bloke for you!

Thanks Matt, I hope you sell heaps (just remember we've got the winning ticket though...)


Ann said...

I think I'm starting to figure out what will work for me: don't go out feeling that I have to take photos, this just takes away the pleasure I get from taking photos. Follow my normal routine and if an opportunity presents itself and I am in the right mood – take it. Be upfront – I think it will be easier for me to ask for the photo first, explain why, and have a conversation afterwards. Like Julie, I feel false doing it the other way round. I felt much more comfortable with the 2 I just took. They aren't great portraits and probably never will be with this little camera but at least I took them. Still so nervous that I forgot how to turn on the flash.

Ann said...

PS. Great shot.

bitingmidge said...


I think you are right, and I also think there's a hurdle to get over, which makes each successive encounter easier. (I'm counting on that!)

I think if the picture can reflect a bit of the person then you have a great portrait irrespective of the camera you use. The technical stuff is just that - technical stuff, but the portrait is in the story the picture tells, if that makes sense.

Ann said...

I know what you mean but I still would like to get a decent photo of the person. A lot of my problem so far has been lighting and that I was nervous and in a hurry. I didn't want to ask people to move into a better spot etc.

bitingmidge said...

I did that today, so that was good. Do you have photoshop elements or Picasa or some other tool?

A little bit of manipulation may help?

Julie said...

Can I jump in here?

Something has happened today, guys - can you feel it?

Peter, if I read Ann right - shoot me down, Ann if necessary - she wants to be able to think and do all this WHILST she takes the photo. To control the nerves enough to take an ordinary picture. To get the out-of-body experience that says, yes it is in focus, yes I have the background the way I want it. Yes there is a splash of light on the top of his head.

As a matter of interest, Peter, did Matt take his sunnies off for you? You will see why I ask this when I post mine this evening.

Today is an important day guys ... read back over your comments.

Wuhoo ...

bitingmidge said...

You are right Julie. We have actually started, and in doing so, made a heap of progress!

No. Matt's sunnies were firmly on his head, but we found a better background. I had enough of "me" there to think about that, which is why it's not the first snap with the parked cars behind!

I can't pretend I'm comfortable, but it feels promising!

bitingmidge said...

... and I forgot to mention: I also had enough time (read: was composed enough) to realise the sunnies on his head would distract from the message, so cropped them in camera!)

It doesn't matter whether my decision was right or wrong, just that I made a conscious decision in the process!

Cheers!! Woohoo indeed!