Monday, January 12, 2009

Julie (6/100) - Waiting for a delivery truck

Meet Bob who was lounging outside the Receiving Dock waiting for a delivery of paper. He has worked on campus for 8 years - he got bored with being retired. In his previous life he worked for a bank.


Julie said...

I bowled up to this bloke and said "Can I ask a favour"?

I have set myself the task of photographing 100 people who I do not know in the least. Firstly, it is a scarey thing to do and I want to get over that. Secondly, I want to get better at taking photos of people.

Go for it, darlin'


bitingmidge said...

I'm thinking six is the turning point, after that it's all downhill! My fears are diminished, but not entirely gone, and I do think that I can hide behind my SLR with the great big lens hood. With the little point and shoot it's far more difficult.

I am yet to approach someone of the opposite sex though (!).. perhaps there is an advantage in being a darlin' after all! ;-)

An altogetherly satisfactory shot!

I think that before we know it, we'll be having fun too!

It's a grand life.....

freefalling said...

So how many shots do you usually get of your subjects?

Julie, can you send me your email address please - I was sure I had it here must be where I left my head (I'm always leaving it behind - it isn't screwed on straight).

Julie said...

Leave your head the way it is: I think the way things come out of it is just right. I will send an email in just a tick ...

How many shots? Mostly I have been getting one and scampering! Geez, I'm not wrong Narelle - just went back and checked. I can hear Peter's guffaw from here: 1/100 I took one; 2/100 I took one; 3/100 I took one; 4/100 I took 6; 5/100 I took 1; 6/100 I took 2 (but only because I accidently held my finger on the button).

bitingmidge said...

No Guffaws from here!

1/100 I took three, but they were IDENTICAL!

The next five have been between 3 and 5, rattled off quite quickly, from slightly different angles and always one head shot so I can fudge it (Like Matt) if the others don't work.

Of course there's no obligation to post a pic that doesn't work, but I think that's part of the journey.

I shiver a bit in the "instructions" where they suggest that people get quite comfortable in front of the camera if you rattle off 50 or 100 shots to settle them down! I'm still living in the era of film I think.

Love 'em and leave 'em I say!

Julie said...

Totally agree: the crook shot needs to be posted too as part of the journey. This makes the discussion more useful for the rest of us. We are trying to overcome trepidation ... not rival Cartier-Besson.

I cannot imagine shootiing 50 - 100 images: just rudeness ...

Ann said...

I feel like I'm intruding enough taking one. I did take 2 of 4/100 because she was in shadow and I couldn't remember how to work the camera (!). I wish I could use the SLR as I feel I owe it to them to take as good a shot as possible. I'm being careful about whom I approach, especially men. Don't want anyone to think I'm trying to pick them up.

Virginia said...

NO! In his other life he lives on a lake in Alabama and his name is Buddy! He did lighten his hair but I still recognize him-HA

You all are a hoot. May I join in?

PS My friend says I will just walk up to anybody and start talking but I really won't. I still freeze and then squeeze off a quick unplanned shot and regret later.

Julie said...

Not sure what you mean here, V. By all means join in the banter and comment on our shots and our approach and what we might try to do next time. I would love that on mine. Or did you mean join in as a contributor? These comments go out to each of the contributors so we shall probably discuss this via email as the day goes on. At the moment, there are two of us from Sydney and Peter who is on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane and there are 3 others considering their options. Already a couple of people have declined because it requires lots of time - that alone the energy expended.