Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peter 004 - Tristan

Tristan was half way through his second day with Matt on the Esplanade raising funds for Surf Lifesaving, learning the ropes.

He has the blonde hair and deep tan that made him look like a kid who has spent every day of his life on the beach. When you live on the Coast, during holiday times no one ever asks "where are you from?",but rather; "are you a local?"

Yes, he assured me, he was, he came from Caloundra, but he did so in an accent which made me suspect that perhaps he may have spent some time elsewhere, despite his appearance! He had found his way to this side of the world from England with his family eighteen months ago, and apparently didn't it didn't take many of our blue sunny skies before the assimilation process was complete! Once again, the smile says it all.


bitingmidge said...

After taking this shot, I've found myself looking for backgrounds to place people in, (probably because it stalls the need to approach actual people).

I've taken two since, both of which came about because the subjects had great backgrounds, and neither of the selected pictures included them.

More on that tomorrow>

Julie said...

Yeah - that would be right!

This is one of my aims today: a partial shot of a head; and, a background that adds meaning. Let's see how I travel ...

Ann said...

I need to try some close ups but they don't always work on the "toy" camera. Personally I like placing people in context if I can, particularly if they are workers.