Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peter 019 - Lorraine

Lorraine spends her life travelling alone except for her lorikeet in a 4WD van decorated with an Australiana scene that matches her hair in a vague sort of way. She wanders from market to market selling stories of her adventures, opals, artwork, and anything else she can gather on her way.

She did tell me her itinerary for the next month or two, but I'd need the whole internet to write it down.


bitingmidge said...

Suffering again from the blue polytarp light, but I rather like the way her hair blends with the graphics on her truck!

Ann said...

I love this one. For me the colours make it. I can completely overlook the slight blue tinge on her hair and focus on her mouth.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Brilliant. Some much going on and yet no distractions. Her facial expression, the bird, the colour coordination, the fringe coordination.

Julie said...

Yes yes ... it is the mouth ... the lines so echo the scratches for the water ... such a good portrait because it clicks in with what makes a person an individual.

I would love to know WHY she took to this lifestyle ... that is the impact of the image and the text working together. A massive story of dislocation ... love it.