Saturday, January 31, 2009

Peter 022 - Michael

I had run out of subjects today, so when I met Michael this evening on the way to a friend's place I grabbed him!

He looked as though he was born to surf, but the reality is he's a drilling rig operator just arrived from Victoria, and had been spending the day in the water.

He was very anxious to assist, which of course threw me entirely, and a whole new lack of thought train was experienced, and in retrospect I'd have preferred his shoulders to have been facing the other way. I suppose with the stance that he currently has he could be turning his back on the sea?


Sunset today 6:41 pm, this shot taken 6:12 pm

focal length 20mm (wide angle, equivalent to 30mm traditional 35mm SLR), I was probably no more than a metre away from the subject.

ISO 200 1/250 shutter speed

f3.8 (as wide as this lens will allow)

As an aside, a few minutes later, same deck, different background, with a little fill flash to lighten up the shirts!


Julie said...

Phew! I was wondering what had happened! But it sure was worth the wait.

Yes a stance like Ann's of yesterday adds tension, doesn't it. But you sure nailed a context with this one and blurred it just about right. Would you do me a favour, please? Add a line at the end of the text that tells the techie details for the shot.

What you have also managed - probably by luck! - is to keep the range of colours in the background within a narrow spectrum which makes the image a cohesive whole. And of course matching the sail covers and the singlet was cool with a K.

bitingmidge said...

This time the colours weren't luck! It was just before dusk, perfect photo taking light; no harsh shadows! so I whisked him out the back of my friends house because I knew that rather dilapidated looking boat was there, although it doesn't look it in the shot.

The light also helped to prevent his sunburn looking too fluorescent!

Ann said...

thanks for putting the shooting details up. Its the sort of thing I need to know. Must try wide angle up close. I still find being right in someone's face confronting and tend to stand back and zoom. Great shot, you found another tatt.

Ann said...

question - why ISO 200? Its a speed I don't find very useful. I use 100 in bright sunlight and 400 as a good all rounder. I know with film I never liked 200.

bitingmidge said...

Why 200 ISO?

Probably inexperience. I used to keep it locked at 100, but found myself often in areas of low light and long exposures.

200 doesn't make too much difference, but remember I'm usually shooting in very bright conditions!

I had the ISO on auto for a while, may try that again, but because I tend to underexpose, found that I was getting a lot of noise in the picture as I lightened it up.

It's one of those adjustments I need to come to grips with. Thanks for noticing, because it was out of sight, out of mind.!

400 is pretty clear noise wise so I may just up it a bit to see what happens.