Saturday, January 31, 2009

Julie (24/100) - Wrapped in the flag

Jess and Alana are Melburnians and, although it was the day after Australia Day, had draped themselves in the flag with green'n'gold zinc creme.

Young women are a challenge to ask permission of: and here I asked two at the same time! I have half a dozen shots of them: plus a couple that are silhouettes only.

For me, I thought this was an unusual angle and less stilted than many two-person shots are.


bitingmidge said...

Yep, it's a nice one!

I haven't yet spoken to a young woman unless I have company! I suppose I'm going to overcome that, but I am intimidated by that taboo that seems to be "camera at the beach".

Titania said...

Hi Julie, great pictures, happy aussie girls.
Julie I have tried to send you an e-mail but it always returns, not found.

Ann said...

Julie, I'm really surprised you find young women a challenge to ask. Young men I can understand. I don't find them particularly difficult (no more than asking most people) just not particularly interesting to photograph. The really interesting ones with the tatts and piercings I'm still too daunted to ask.

Ann said...

Ps. Nice, relaxed shot.

Julie said...

Young women are often obsessed with the way they look on the outside and I am wary this will translate into a tart tongue. I have also found that young women are quick to questions motives and the use to which the image will be put.

Whilst in Melbourne I, too, realised that there some people are more "interesting" to photograph than others, and I am trying to be inclusive. Therefore, I am keen to photograph accountants and salesmen.

The rough'n'ready types on the street I have a definite affinity with and find them relatively easy to approach.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love it. It captures all the wonderful vitality of youth with their beautiful smiles, the bright flag and the unexpected splash of colour on the cheeks. By my vote this is one of the best so far. The future promises such riches ... you have all gone so far in just 20 shots. I am so glad you allow me to be an arm chair critic. I'm learning heaps.