Friday, January 30, 2009

Peter 021 - Emma

I met Emma at the beginning of this project and asked her if it would be OK if I took a couple of patient view shots at my next appointment. (I don't normally carry my camera with me to the dentist!) She's one of a new breed of kind and gentle dentists who have television sets on the ceilings and wireless headphones. She had time to do the prepartory work for a new crown for yours truly, with thirty minutes to spare before hopping on a plane "beck to New Zilland" for a friends wedding.

I was nervous about my three hour appointment, and didn't get the manual focus quite right, I should have left the camera to do its own thing. However I do like the rather frenetic composition of this shot, because all the focus is a little soft, one's eyes sort of flicker around it, disoriented, wondering where to stop.

It's the visual version of trying to answer a dentist's question while your mouth's open!

I have some other lovely shots of the ceiling with a blurred Emma and her assistant Michelle in the foreground! This is why I'm not taking photos for a living!


Julie said...

Wow - what an unusual shot! Would never have thought of it by myself.

I agree that it reflects a certain woosiness which adds to the jaunty angle of the tv and the ceiling.

Not sure I would like tv on the ceiling of my dentists: I dont like it in the gym either. Both are good private thought times!

Ann said...

Good one!

freefalling said...

Cooking with gas, Peter!
She looks a bit like an emu.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love it. Vintage Pete in its quirkiness. To me this is an example of finding your own style.

I would never get this shot ... try to visit the dentist only every 20 years ... I've still got about 10 to go before my next visit.

Julie said...

Yes, this and the tattoo arm ... indicate a change ... goodo ...