Friday, January 30, 2009

Julie (23/100) - In the shady garden

Marilyn - Maz to her friends - was watching the tennis on the big screen out in the garden at Melbourne Park.

I think I had this on the P setting and I have chosen this view because it is an unusual angle for me. I am endeavouring to use more of the settings on the SLR as well as photograph strangers. The background is very busy and I would have liked it more blurred but did not think to go to Av. Nothing to write home about: but a little bit of variation.

Other shots:


Ann said...

I like the way you've positioned her, although the chair is distracting. Mind you, I think its an angle I use quite frequently. I don't mind it at all, its more interesting than the other three. I had the same problem last weekend blurring the background, I thought about going to Av as well but I don't know what setting to use to get the effect I am after. It blurs beautifully at the long end of the lens but not when I'm using a wider angle.

bitingmidge said...

I agree with Ann, I like the composition, but think it could have done without the chair.

A bit of flash maybe?

Ann, use the lowest F number, and as a generality, move closer with a wider angle lens.


bitingmidge said...

I've just popped back for another look.

I really like the "pose" I have to say. I saw a shot on blogger the other day which had the subject in crisp focus, and the background with a heavy photoshop blur, I might have a play just for fun.

Joan Elizabeth said...

To me this one is snapshotish. Typical of the photos most people take, lots of extraneous and not very useful stuff going on. I think I would have chosen the middle one of the not selected set but perhaps not cropping her arm so much ... the drink, the clothing tell their own story without as many distractions. Alternatively, as Peter suggests, experiment with fixing the faults in Photoshop.

Julie said...

The middle one was why I chose her as a subject in the first place: the splash of yellow, blue and red. I did not realise that she would just continue to watch the outdoor scree which sets her face very passively.

I have worked on where all the flash buttons are on my camera since this shot and need to experiment a bit over this weekend.