Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ann 35/100 - Solomon

Another shot that isn't what I wanted. When I saw Solomon (my local Station Manager) he had the door half open and was leaning against the door jamb chatting up one of the local lovelies. The lines of the door and his body would have made a good composition. When I got the camera out he immediately shut the door, stood up straight and wanted the complete Station Manager sign in the shot. I did get one of those but its blurred. I tried to persuade him to open the door again to get the diagonal but he wouldn't be in it saying the boss wouldn't like it if he ever saw the photo. This is the one you wanted, Solomon. I confess that he's not exactly a stranger but if Peter can do it, so can I. I also think I'm learning to work within the limitations of the p&s.


bitingmidge said...

Anyone who doesn't do exactly as you ask is a stranger I reckon!

I think I would have just lied about getting the sign in the background, taken one as you have done, then stalked him till it all worked.

There again, the sun is shining, and I'm not finding too much inclination to find a subject this morning....

Julie said...

No sun shining down here, Peter: teaming the proverbial and me only halfway through yard maintenance.

I think we need to discuss a change in "rules" as we approach the half-way mark. We have gone through the "having the guts to ask stage". So, we need to look at the definition of "stranger". Whaddyaregon?

bitingmidge said...

I'm glad "we've" done with that nasty stage, I was wondering when I'd get over it.

I sloshed around the markets this morning, camera in hand, still getting over that cold, and really wasn't in "have a chat" form (very not like me really) so didn't take a pic.

Hmmm... a change to the rules? That's OK by me I'll bend 'em no matter what they are!

Today I found myself looking for photographs rather than people. It may well have been my mood, but there were a number of people who may have made interesting subjects, but I couldn't get my head around turning them into a photograph.

Once again, I may be twenty shots ahead of myself. If I don't post for a week forgive me, I think I'm in that spot that Ann fears if she stops.