Sunday, February 15, 2009

Julie (38/100) - Playing fetch

I met Sam and Wilfred as I nipped between some bushes on my way to snap a boat pulled up on Covelly Beach this morning during my aged-father-outing. Wilfred is a two yo RSPCA dog that Sam chose as a pup.

This was tricky because there was always a metre-plus between the two essential elements of the photograph. The side on shot just manages them at the extremities of the image but loses the tension of the dog. The front-on shot seems to capture that tension - but I could have been closer, except I really wanted to get Sam's hand with the piece of bark. I include the image of Wilfred jumping - shame about the missing feet; I do have another of him that is just feet!! I include this because it occured to me later - later, always later that the good ideas occur to me - that a really good shot would have been focussed on Wilfred during the jump with a blurry grinning Sam in the background.


bitingmidge said...

Your good idea would have been a GREAT shot.

Jumping Wilfred came oh so close too, but I like this one. The contact between Sam and Wilfred and Wilfred and bark is tangible.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes I like the one you selected, the composition is good and the action recorded.

Ann said...

Hindsight is always 20:20 and I'm not that good at thinking on my feet.

Julie said...

What makes a good B&W image? I know that Ann converted her Hospital Pink Ladies to B&W to remove distracting colour. Another reason is to remove the busyness that lots of colours and shapes add to the background taking away the focus on the subject of the photograph. But they are removing negative elements.

What is a positive reason for a B&W image? There are two that come to my mind: firstly, to emphasise contrasts of dark and light; and, secondly, to emphasise lines and shapes.

I don't think that B&W is a good choice in this shot, because there is not sufficient clarity in the shot. Just because the dog is black and the clothing is black does not seem to be sufficient reason.

Julie said...

Have a look at Selim's railing going into the water a couple of days ago.