Friday, February 20, 2009

Ann 40/100 - Aurore and Clare

Very hard to get a decent composition (don't think I did) because there were two of them with their packs around them. Don't meet many French backpackers, they are usually Brits, Germans or Dutch. I think Clare wanted me to go away.


bitingmidge said...

You know, if Aurore had been looking to her left it just might have worked!

Multiple subjects certainly lift the degree of difficulty by a notch!

Maybe a crop on the landscape version leaving all that space to the left would have worked?

I don't think I'll get out today either, but at least my visions stopped blurring so I should be OK for a walk with the camera tomorrow.

No one told me having a tooth out would be this hard!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I actually prefer the small shot with the packs visible. They don't look so disassociated from each other that way.